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The company was founded in 1960s in Parma by mr.Uberto Soncini. After a long and deep apprenticeship in the family company – one of the most important slaughtering and production company in North Italy – Mr.Uberto Soncini decided to begin his own activity in the same sector. 

In a short time, thanks to mr.Soncini’s dedication, the company Soncini SAS opened its business to new markets: the Netherlands, Denmark, Irland, Germany, Spain and some commercial channel also in the USA and Canada.

Uberto Soncini
Isotta Bonomi
Luca Soncini

In just a few years Soncini began a landmark for processing and producing industries. Due to the partnership with all the major European producers the company was able to offer and cover all the needs of different meat cuts asked from the final market – always in the respect of high standard and competitive prices. The volumes started to grow, and the relationship began to get stronger and stronger, the Soncini Sas changed so the company into the current Soncini Srl. The Soncini Srl gained a high level of fidelisation together with reliability, consistency, and professionalism – features that nowadays distinct Soncini srl form the others. In the 2000s the technical and managing know-how  made Soncini srl opening its own horizons to the milk and derivates sector.

Currently the dairy sector, together with the meat sector, is the core business of Soncini srl with a particular care on the Organic market.

The ongoing research and development activity leads Soncini srl to increase every day the product range offered with the final aim to have a 360° full coverage of food market needs.

Now we could offer: meat, milk and derivates, vegetable alternatives with high and certified quality.

Isotta e Susanna
Susanna Soncini

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