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Raw milk - cowEst EU0,56 €/kgDAP
Past. 3.5 milk - cowDE/AT0,42 €/kgEXW
Cream 40%EU2,88 €/kgDAP
Raw milk - goatNL0,90 €/KgEXW
Raw milk - sheepIT1,79 €/KgDAP
Butter 82EU5,55 €/kgDAP
AMFEU6,58 €/kgDAP
SMPEU2,72 €/kgDAP
MPCEU7,40 €/kgDAP
WPC 80EU9,99 €/kgDAP

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Isotta Bonomi

Meat, Milk and cream, Ingredients

Fiorenza Pancini

Butter, Milk powders, Cheese

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